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  • Learn How To Bead

    Beading is 'hot' in needlepoint right now, and there's a good reason for that. Adding beads to a canvas adds texture and bling. If you want to draw the eye to a feature then beading that area is a great way to do it.

    Beads have a reflective quality and can bring an object to life - eyes, stars, neon signs, all sparkle when stitched in beads.

    Plus, beading is fun! It adds another tool to your needlepoint toolbox.

    Our What's The Stitch video this month is all about different beading techniques. Check it out - it's FREE!


    Here are the tools you will need to get your beading 'career' started:

    • Beading needles - they're skinnier than tapestry needles so they fit through the beads!

    beading needles

    • Beading thread - it's smooth, fine, and strong. (Pssst, here's a hack: If you don't have beading thread you can also use a single ply of cotton floss, or other thread, in a matching color).

     needlepoint beading thread

    • A beading case - this is essential if you don't want to be chasing your beads around the floor!

    needlepoint beading case on fish canvas

    • Beads (of course!) - they come in different sizes and there are lots of color choices. You will want smaller beads for smaller canvas mesh - size 14 beads are good for 18 mesh canvas, and size 11 beads work well on 13 mesh.  Visit your local needlepoint store to find beads for your canvas, or try out one of these kits that come with beads and instructions included...
    flamingo needlepoint kit with beads Christmas needlepoint ornament with beads  Tis the season needlepoint kit with beads


    For further instruction on how to bead a needlepoint canvas consider taking this Just Bead It online class. It will take you through 16 beading techniques from basic to advanced.

    Needlepoint beading technique class

    Give beading a try - and let us know how we can help. At we're with you every stitch (or bead) of the way.

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