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When will you charge my credit card after I've purchased from you online? We don't charge your credit card until we have product in hand and are ready to ship. We do this for many reasons. Sometimes, canvases are discontinued or will take an excessively long time to ship; sometimes there may be a discount that should have been applied to your order that the website did not reflect. We make sure that one of our employees reviews your order before we charge your card and ship it out -- and we've found that makes all the difference in the world!


Do you have preworked canvases? We do not carry preworked canvases, but we do offer a great variety of printed or hand painted canvases (which can be purchased alone or with custom threads) as well as a number of needlepoint kits.


Does the canvas price shown online include threads? The price shown with the canvas is for the canvas alone. If you choose to add threads to your piece, we will custom kit it for you based on your choice.You will see the price increase based on the type of threads you choose to add.


Is the thread cost accurate? The cost shown is an estimate based on canvas size, design, and number of colors in the piece. The cost could be less, but we never charge you more than what is shown for each option. However, should you request specific brands of thread, the cost could be more and we will contact you before proceeding.


Does my canvas come with a stitch guide? Some canvases do, but not all. If you are interested in a canvas with a stitch guide a good place to start is our Canvas + Stitch Guide page. If you have found a canvas on another page that you like, check the description to see if it indicates a stitch guide is included or available for purchase from the designer. We also stock a variety of books that have decorative stitches. These are a wonderful resource to refer to when selecting your own stitches!


Do you send stitch suggestions with all canvas orders? We will be happy to offer a few stitch suggestions for your piece if you ask and have opted to add threads with the canvas order. It is difficult to offer suggestions if we do not know what threads you will be using on the canvas. We also offer a variety of books that you can purchase on our accessories page full of different stitches!


Do you offer personalization on canvases? We do offer personalization on canvases, including painting custom names at the top of Christmas stockings, etc. We charge for our personalization services and will send an estimate for you to approve before charging your card. Our fee is based on labor and the complexity of the design. 


What does “mesh count” mean? Mesh count is the size of weave of the canvas – or as many people say, the size of the “holes” on the canvas. For 13-count mesh canvas, for example, there are 13 “holes” per inch; whereas with 18-count mesh canvas, there will be 18 “holes” per inch. The 18-count mesh canvas will therefore have smaller holes than 10-count or 13-count mesh canvas options.  10-count mesh has the largest holes and is generally recommended for beginners and individuals with lower eyesight quality.


I’m a beginner. Should I indicate that on my order? Yes! We love new stitchers! We’re happy to help you with your first (or one of your first) stitching projects. On each canvas page, we have a text box for “Special Instructions.” Let us know that you are a beginner & we will select easy, fun threads along with any tips we might think helpful for your piece. You can always email us with questions:


What is the estimated time of delivery for my order? If we do not already have your canvas in stock, we order it directly from the Artist. Each Artist has unique shipping schedules, so for this reason, we place an Shipping Availability on each canvas page. We strive to deliver your canvas within this time frame, if not earlier.


How can I check on the status of my online order? You should always receive an email confirmation of your order the moment it processes. If you have not received this email, please contact us: or 888-769-7446.


Do you offer International Shipping? We do. We prefer to use USPS with international tracking, but are open to alternate options if you prefer a different shipping method. Please contact us at or call 888-769-7446 to discuss alternate international shipping options.


Do you have counted cross stitch patterns and supplies? We are proud to offer a wide range of needlepoint canvases, supplies and accessories, but do not offer any counted cross stitch.


Do you have patterns that I can purchase? We do not have cross stitch patterns, but do offer a number of needlepoint books that have needlepoint charts in them.


Do you offer finishing? Absolutely! We are happy to offer finishing to our customers. Please contact the store during shop hours to discuss your finishing with one of our managers to ensure you have everything you need before you send it to us: 888-769-7446.


Do you sell finished needlepoint? We currently offer Elizabeth Bradley Home's full collection of finished Needlepoint pillows through our sister store here.


I chose Pick Our Favorites and received some threads I'm not familiar with. Help?! We often choose a variety of threads that will really make your piece stand out! Here is a helpful list:


18 ct. / # of STRANDS

13 ct. / # of STRANDS

Anchor Floss*

Use 5 ply

Use 7-8 ply

Bella Lusso

2 ply

4 ply

DMC #3 Perle Cotton


1 strand

DMC #5 Perle Cotton

1 strand

1 strand if heavily painted

Elizabeth Bradley Wool


1 strand   Can also use on 10


Pepper Pot Silk

1 strand

1 strand if heavily painted

Petite Silk Lamè Braid

1 strand


Planet Earth 6 Ply Silk

2-3 ply

6 ply

Planet Earth Wool

1 strand

1 strand if heavily painted

Ribbon Floss

1 strand

Lay carefully if well painted

Silk & Ivory

1 strand

1 strand

Silk Lamè Braid 13


1 strand – possibly 10 count

Silk Lamè Braid 18

1 strand

1 strand


4 ply

6-7 ply

Threadworx Overdyed Floss***

2-3 ply

6-8 ply

Vineyard Merino

1 strand

1 strand if heavily painted

Vineyard Silk

1 strand

1 strand if heavily painted


2 strands or blend with other fibers

4    strands

*Anchor Floss has 6 ply in one strand

** Threadworx has 6 ply in one strand

***Splendor has 12 ply in 3 bundles



Where are your coupon codes located? If you are interested in getting the latest coupons and sales we feature online, please sign up for our newsletter:


I'm stitching a belt. How much do I need to stitch of the canvas? The finished belt size is best determined by taking a belt that is currently being worn and measuring from A (the most worn hole) to B (the top of the buckle prong).



The length of the stitched canvas when finished will be 6 inches shorter than the finished belt size.

For example: a 36-inch belt will require 30 inches of stitch needlepoint.


Stitch 2 to 3 rows extra along the top and bottom edge of the design. These stitches will be rolled over to form an edge for the belt.


When finished, leather tabs are sewn at both ends of the belt to accommodate the holes and the buckle. These leather tabs will cover approximately 1.5 – 2 inches of the stitched canvas on each end of the belt. As a result, the actual design area will be approximately 3 – 4 inches shorter than the total stitched length.


Approximately 1.5 – 2 inches of stitched canvas will be covered by leather in the finishing process.






How do I access the Online Classes I just purchased? In an effort to continually improve our online class experience for our customers, we have recently launched a new Online Class platform on our website. 

We're excited to share it with you. From now on, you will be able to log into your Needlepoint.Com account on our website and gain access to every class you have purchased -- forever. Our hope is that you will not only enjoy and learn from the online class you purchase the first time, but will save the videos as a good reference for future stitching projects!

Here are the steps to create an account on Needlepoint.Com to see all of your online classes. If you hit any snags, feel free to give us a call or an email: 888-769-7446 or

First, either select Join to create a new account -- or Login to sign into your existing account.

Once you are logged in, select the drop down arrow next to your name and you will be able to see My Classes to access the full list of classes you have purchased.