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This Is Needlepoint / About Us

  • A look inside Needlepoint.Com!

    Like many people who used the past year to clean out closets, we spent some time improving the shop . The most notable change is the drastic increase of our inventory. There are literally thousands of canvases here now, so many in fact, that we are unable to display them all.  So, if you’re planning to visit us in person, be sure to look at our website first.  Every canvas you see on our website is here and ready to go!  If you come with a list of what you would like to see, we will pull canvases for you and then help you choose the perfect thread pairings. If you’re unable to shop the website first, we have ipads around the store for you to use when you arrive.  
  • 2020 at Needlepoint.Com!

    ...Since the painters are having trouble keeping up with demand, we pushed our tech team to perfect a stitch-printing service that had been in the works for five years. Working day and night, they made it happen so we could launch Needlepoint To Go in May. 
  • All about Needlepoint To Go!

    Needlepoint.Com is thrilled to introduce our brand new kit line, Needlepoint To Go.  This beautiful and affordable collection is available exclusively at Needlepoint.Com.
  • Without question, you are the finest customers anywhere!

    Tragic news hit the needlepoint community last week when we found out that needlepoint designer and friend Toni Randall had lost her home and painting studio in the Almeida fires in Oregon.
  • The History of Needlepoint.Com

    Twenty years ago, when Amazon only sold books and Google wasn’t a verb, opened its doors in Raleigh, North Carolina, as a brick and mortar store. Since then, it has undergone radical growth, like the Internet itself, and enjoys a partnership with its sister companies Elizabeth Bradley Design and Kirk & Bradley Design.