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  • The Benefits to Buying Canvases with Stitch Guides!

    At Needlepoint.Com, we have a large number of canvases that come with the option of a stitch guide. 
    When you choose a needlepoint canvas, you probably imagine what it will look like completely stitched. Some people like to experiment with stitches as they go, while others like to see a stitched model and avoid the guesswork. That is where a stitch guide can come in handy.
    Palm Beach chaise needlepoint canvas, stitch guide, & threads
    So… what IS a stitch guide and why might you want one? 
    A stitch guide is a document authored by an experienced stitcher who has already completed a canvas. The stitch guide provides a thread and supply list, detailed instructions on how to stitch each part of the design, and stitch diagrams. When you purchase a canvas with a stitch guide, you can replicate the original stitched model because the person who has written the guide knows each stitch and thread will work.
    Stitch guides from Needlepoint.Com follow an easy-to-read, concise template. We define each area of the canvas then provide a narrative and diagrams to help you with every detail. Our stitch guides list threads that are available in our store, and accoutrements like beads when applicable.  When you use one of our guides, you can simply pick up the canvas, find the area you wish to tackle, thread your needle and begin.
    Needlepoint To Go pink palm leaf kit contents
    Stitch guides can also get you out of a stitching rut. If you find yourself using the same stitches over and over again, a stitch guide is an excellent resource for expanding your repertoire. Needlepoint.Com stitch guides will help you discover decorative stitches and thread that add texture and definition. Best of all, when you are done stitching, your project will look just like the finished model that grabbed your attention in the first place! And now, onto your next project and stitch guide…!