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Meet Carolyn Hedge Baird!

Meet Carolyn Hedge Baird! Carolyn is a national teacher and a fabulous needlepointer. She is known in needlepoint shops across the country for her highly decorative stitching style. She is famous for her use of Composite Stitches. A Composite Stitch is any stitch that combines more than one simpler element into a more complex stitch- often using multiple threads in one stitch too. Her work has a very distinct look. 
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Meet Paige from Blue Ridge Stitchery

Meet Paige from Blue Ridge Stitchery I grew up on a farm in Virginia and went to school at Virginia Tech and later got an MBA from The University of Virginia where I met my husband, Steffen, a native of Munich, Germany.  Cleveland, Ohio has been our home base for the last 20 years.  The beautiful mountains of my youth and the travel adventures of my life are the inspiration for Blue Ridge Stitchery designs.
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