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Behind The Scenes At Needlepoint.Com: Content Creation

Behind The Scenes At Needlepoint.Com: Content Creation

Hello! My name is Katy, and I am the Graphic Designer & Product Stylist at Needlepoint.Com. In fact, you see me weekly in your inboxes - our email marketing is a HUGE part of my job! There is much to love about working at Needlepoint.Com, but product styling is definitely my favorite. This week on the blog, I want to share a look behind the scenes at my process for staging a photo shoot! 

First you should know, everyone at Needlepoint.Com stitches the projects that are turned into kits and classes. We love coming up with a fun variety of projects to share. Here is one that I recently completed. 


When one of my co-workers puts their stitched project on my desk, here is what happens next.

It’s Pinterest time! Pinterest is my most used resource for inspiration and reference images. I study the stitched project and draw inspiration from the colors, the threads and the stitches that were used.  Then I try to marry this with a color and mood for the shoot.
Our prop collection also provides me with a lot of inspiration! I collect anything I think might be relevant to the look I'm going for - paper, fabric, trinkets - and lay everything out so that I can see it. This almost always includes an iced coffee and a podcast queued up on my phone!
I love creating the narratives behind lifestyle shoots, and even though these stories stay in my own head, I think it gives the photos a little extra magic! For this Poison Bottle shoot, I wanted to create a whimsical apothecary. I imagined a quirky, mischievous witch might work there. What would her space look like? What other books, bits, and bobs would she have there?  How might she actually organize her bottles? I never hesitate to move things around too - you never know what might be your winning shot!
Time to snap away! Then, with a little editing magic, we have our photo!
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