• The Anatomy of a Kit!

    The world of needlepoint is full of thousands of canvases, multiple thread lines, assorted beads, helpful accessories, and curated kits. These kits are designed to remove all guesswork and create a seamless stitching experience. 
    If you are new, you may be wondering where to start. Perhaps you are a seasoned stitcher and want to simply grab something and start stitching without having to put much thought into your piece. Maybe you are about to leave on a trip and want everything packaged and easy to carry. We have kits to cover all of these possible scenarios. All of our kits are hand-packed by a member of our staff. Included, you will find a painted or printed canvas, needle, stitch guide, thread pack, and, if needed, beads and a beading needle. 
    Needlepoint to Go Kits
    This is our new line of kit offerings for 2021. Featuring a precision printed canvas using our new state of the art printing technology on a range of mesh counts, these kits are sure to excite any stitcher. Choose from a chessboard to take down your rivals, pillows to decorate your space, ornaments to adorn your tree and so much more. New designs are constantly being added, so make sure you check back often. Interested in our stitch printing technology? Read more here.
    Palm Beach Chaise needlepoint kit canvas, stitch guide, & threads
    Needlepoint.Com Online Class Kits
    These kits are designed with corresponding online video components. Each features a handpainted canvas from a range of needlepoint designers. These have been stitched in-house using a curated collection of stitches for each piece. The stitch guide and online videos complement one another, one showing diagrams of each stitch, the other showing the stitch being done on a piece of canvas. A great tool for beginners and those looking to expand their stitch library.
    Finished charcuterie board needlepoint ornaments on charcuterie board
    Elizabeth Bradley Kits
    We also carry the full line of Elizabeth Bradley kits. These English tapestry kits are hand assembled by our team in Wales and feature the same precision printing technology as our Needlepoint to Go kits. They come with beautiful Elizabeth Bradley wool, a chart card, and instructions for the Victorian Cross Stitch. 
    Elizabeth Bradley hydrangea needlepoint kit contents
    Basketweave Kits
    You will even find a few kits on our website that we refer to as basketweave kits. These are simple projects that include all the thread you need to basketweave your piece, and include easy-to-follow instructions to get you started. Great for beginners or if you need a simple piece to work on. Feel free to let your creativity shine on these projects and use your own stitch ideas as well! You will have plenty of thread to complete the design in any way you choose. 
    Swan Oval needlepoint canvas with threads