Stocking Finishing

Stocking finishing cost starts at $175 and goes up depending on finishing choices.

Stocking Topper finishing cost stars at $280 and goes up depending on finishing choices.

Let us take your canvas from stitched to stunning! Needlepoint.Com offers a full line of finishing services for everything you can stitch.

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Over the past 20 years, we have developed strong relationships with the finest needlepoint finishers in the nation. We trust them with our own stitching because they pay close attention to detail and handle needlepoint with the utmost care.

Read below for information on how the stocking is finished and what you need to provide. If you need further help, please call us at (919) 335-9420 to get started.

You can send your stocking or stocking toppers to us at 3811 Hillsborough Street, Raleigh, NC 27607, attn: Finishing. Include a note with your name, contact information, and instructions on your finishing choices (see below). 

What are my options for finishing?

Our stocking finisher does their best to match whatever color you'd like, however the most common options are Red, Green, and Cream. The finisher have multiple shades of each of these, so if there is a specific color you would like them to try and match, please specify when you send your piece in for finishing (for example, if your stocking has a Santa on it and you say "please match Santa's coat" they will try and find the best suited match for this). If you don't have a specific color in mind, you can just ask us to choose for you and the finisher will use the options they see as best fit.

*Note: if Red, Green, or Cream do not work for you, please call us at (919) 335-9420 to discuss your options.

Typically, stockings are finished with a self welt. Cording may be used instead but must be provided by the customer and may increase the cost.

Below is an example of typical stocking finishing.

What should I include when I bring in / ship you my stocking or stocking topper for finishing?

When you bring in your stocking or stocking topper for finishing, we will fill out a form with you. If you ship in your stocking or stocking topper, please send it to 3811 Hillsborough Street, Raleigh, NC 27607, attn: Grace. You should include a note with your finished belt that has the following information:

Your name.

Your phone number and email. We will not give this out and it is purely for us to contact you with any questions / to let you know when your belt is finished.

Your address for us to ship it back.

Your backing color choice (typically Red, Green, or Cream). If you would like this to match a specific color, please specify. If you want to provide your own back fabric, please include it.

Your lining color choice (typically white or cream, however the finisher will make an attempt to use whatever color you ask for). If you want to provide your own lining fabric, please include it.

If you need us to call you upon us receiving it to discuss finishing options or questions you have. We highly recommend you send your finished needlepoint with tracking as we are not responsible for a lost package you send us.

Call us at (919) 828-5538 to get started!