• 20 Finishing Inspirations

    If you’re working toward the goal of stitching twenty canvases in 2020, you probably already have a completed project ready for professional finishing. Before you send your canvas off, consider some creative options that might make a difference. Here are at least 20!
    Ornaments don’t always have to look like this:
    Hardback Cookie
    Try something different, like a gusset with a curly hook:
    Add a bell or a flourish
    Make it a cone
    Put your ornament on a stick
    Make it two-sided
    It could be a coaster
    Hang it from a straw bag
    Monogram the back to commemorate an event or to make more personal
    Stitch a series and make a baby mobile
    Stand Ups can be done different ways too:
    Or Easel backs
    Small canvases can become large pillows if you applique or inset the needlepoint.
    Or something that was supposed to become a small pillow, might look great as a weighted stand up on your bookcase.
    Or a perfect place to hang your keys at the back door.
    A canvas that was supposed to become a big pillow, might look fabulous in an acrylic try.
    And if you have a canvas you thought would be a lumbar pillow, it might also look great as a tri-fold clutch!
    If you’re framing one canvas, you might want to frame many and create a gallery wall.
    Belts can also be used as:
    Key chains
    Dog collars
    or flip flops!
    And finally, if you’ve always wanted to try finishing something on your own, purchase a luggage tag, credit card holder, jewelry case or clutch and have fun!
    Happy Stitching and good luck to everyone who is doing 20 canvases in 2020!


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    • Penelope Dubois says...

      Fabulous ideas!

      February 12, 2020

    • Betsy Sayen says...

      This is great! It is a wonderful way to get people like me think about other things they can create…instead of pillows and ornaments.
      Thank you so much!🐝

      February 11, 2020

    • Patricia says...

      Those are all great ideas, some I would never had thought about! Thanks!

      February 11, 2020

    • Deborah R Blakely says...

      Thank you so much for all of the great finishing ideas!

      February 11, 2020

    • Margaret Graham says...

      Nicely done!!

      February 11, 2020

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