• A Quick Guide to Self-Finishing Your Needlepoint Canvas

    Creativity is everything within the artistic community. The wide array of arts and crafts in the world allows individuals to express themselves and create one-of-a-kind finished pieces. The best part about this artistry? Maya Angelou says it best: “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

    Needlepoint is one artistic type of hand embroidery that calls creativity to mind during the finishing process. How so? Read on to learn more about this topic with a quick guide to self-finishing your needlepoint canvas.

    Defining Finishing: A Creative Process

    Now, what does this term relate to? The truth is that no needlepoint project is complete without the pivotal process of finishing. Finishing a stitched canvas involves various techniques or chosen methods that block and finalize the pattern into a new product.

    Blocking is a method used to straighten out slanted or skewed canvases, fluffing the stitches for the most beautiful end result. After completing stitching and blocking, you strategically finish canvas work either by yourself or an experienced professional for superior craftsmanship.

    General Tips and Tricks for Self-Customization

    Next up in our quick guide to self-finishing your needlepoint canvas, we’ll offer a few customization tips and tricks. Self-finishing is a preferred finishing method for many stitchers who enjoy the challenge and satisfaction of completing a canvas project themselves. The pro is that you have total control over the process, but the con may be the learning curve involved.

    We recommend beginning any canvas work with a finished product in mind. While needlepoint is a creative outlet, the ultimate objective is productivity. Thinking through the piece’s best-suited purpose beforehand is a wise idea for the most enjoyable outcomes. Then, you will make the right stitching decisions along the way and revel in the true transformation of your hard work.

    Finishing Project Ideas and Considerations

    Unsure of how to finish your stitching project? Consider what end product would most fit into your lifestyle, fill you with the most joy, or provide the most use. Decorative pillows, patches, belts, tote bags, or clutches? Ornaments, stockings, stand-ups, or boxes? The sky is the limit for a needlepoint piece—depending on the project size and your comfort with sewing, that is.

    That said, many pre-printed or hand-painted canvases have specific finishing results in mind. Here at Needlepoint.com, we carry a diverse range of canvases, including our collection of needlepoint flowers. Browse our selection for needlepoint canvases and kits ideal for general finishing. We also offer additional professional finishing services—feel free to send your stitched piece back to us for the perfect finished product.