• All about the Book: Stitches a la Carte

    It’s always fun to add a new book of stitches to your library. Stitches a la Carte, written by Lynda Richardson is certainly a staff favorite here at Needlepoint.Com.
    Stitches a la Carte is different than so many of the other needlepoint books available. Rather than focusing on teaching conventional stitches like Diagonal Mosaic or Scotch Stitch, the book centers around bold openwork background stitches that aren't found anywhere else. If you are new to needlepoint, an openwork background is any stitch that leaves some canvas visible when you are done stitching. 
    Inside of the Stitches a la Carte book 
    We love using openwork backgrounds on canvases. Selecting these types of backgrounds definitely speeds up the process of stitching your backgrounds since you aren't filling every hole on the canvas. These openwork stitches can be used to add a whole new dimension of texture to large open areas of color. 
    Stitches a la Carte includes sixty-five background stitches. The book is laid out with just one background stitch printed on each page, making the patterns exceptionally easy to read and follow. Stitches are suited for a variety of different size canvases. Some are great for smaller spaces and some are better suited to larger ones. 
    In addition to an abundance of stitches you won't find anywhere else, the book is peppered with fun anecdotes and stories as you flip through the pages. 
    A few years back Lynda Richardson published a sequel- Stitches a la Carte II: The Lost Stitches. This includes another 60 unique stitches you can use to bring your stitching to life. 
    One thing is certain, you'll never be short of inspiration with these two books by your side! 
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