• How To Select the Right Canvas for Needlepoint

    There’s a time for everything—and needlepoint is having its moment. Millennials adore this trend as much as their older relatives because it’s relaxing, results in beautiful handmade art, and evokes nostalgia. To partake in this hobby, you must know how to select the right canvas for needlepoint.

    It’s difficult to deny a trend when you see one, and needlepoint is definitely on trend right now. Whether you’re interested in joining the party in session or have enjoyed needlepoint for years, get more details about different types of canvas and how to choose the best one.

    Mesh Count

    Choose a canvas with a mesh count that suits your project or design. Mesh count is measured in holes per inch. For instance, a 13-mesh count canvas has 13 holes per inch. Some of the most common counts are 10, 13, and 18.

    You can use whichever mesh count you prefer, though some are easier to work with than others. Higher mesh counts allow for more intricate detail while lower counts are easier to see and faster to stitch. Consider your eyesight if you want to use an 18-mesh canvas; you may find it challenging to see the openings.

    Types of Needlepoint Canvases

    Mono Canvas

    Mono canvas is the most common type of canvas for needlepoint. It uses an over and under weave and tends to be the strongest and best quality canvas. Still, mono canvases are flexible, making them ideal for upholstery and other tapestry work. Typically, the threads of the single weave canvas are spread evenly apart, but stitchers enjoy the design because they can change the intersections to rearrange the thickness and customize the canvas.

    Pro Tip: This canvas is ideal for projects that will remain in a square or rectangle. Secure the edges when you finish the project.

    Interlock Canvas

    Though it looks like mono canvas, interlock canvas is made differently. The intersections of the threads are intertwined to hold them in place. Unlike mono canvas, you can’t alter the spaces of an interlock canvas. Though lightweight, the threads are sturdy enough for advanced stitches; they’re typically included with Elizabeth Bradley needlepoint kits.

    Pro Tip: Interlock canvas is ideal for projects of unique shapes. You can cut the canvas to any shape and it will hold the design.

    Why Choosing The Right Canvas Is Essential

    Planning your project out ahead of time helps guarantee you’ll complete it. Further, you’re more likely to finish something beautiful. If you’re giving the gift of needlepoint this year, consider your recipient. Are they a novice or beginner? How old are they? Though they may love a needlepoint Christmas ornament canvas this year, they’ll love it more if they can use it. Find a needlepoint kit that includes everything your loved one needs at Needlepoint.com.

    How To Select the Right Canvas for Needlepoint