• Meet The Artist Behind Kirk & Bradley: Vernon Kirk

    Tell me about yourself, Vernon. Where is home for you?

    I was born in Norfolk in the UK and still have a strong connection to this rural part of England.   Living in London can be very frenetic so I feel very fortunate to have a home in this beautiful rural part of the country, where I can go and relax surrounded by nature.

    What was your first experience with needlepoint and who taught you to stitch?

    I studied Fashion Textile design and after graduating moved to London for work. I spent many years in the textile industry and gained the opportunity to travel to the U.S. amongst other places. Working in fashion was a great way to discipline myself and develop a strong work ethic. 

    I was introduced to needlepoint by a friend who was working for one of the few bespoke needlepoint companies in existence at that time in London, they needed a freelance designer and my experience in fashion served me well with the discipline needed to design on canvas. 

    I really enjoyed the challenge of interpreting artwork on to canvas and the process of seeing designs come to life when stitched.

    What is your process for designing canvases like?

    My designs always start with lots of research from which I produce many drawings, gradually pulling the ideas together into a design I’m happy with.  Then the work of translating the design onto the canvas begins. I paint on the stitch, so there is often a lot of counting involved. This is the interesting bit where I witness my design becoming a canvas that can be stitched.

    Where do you find inspiration?

    Inspiration comes from all over the place. I’m always on the lookout for ideas. It can come from something I see in an interior magazine to a fashion print in a shop window. Pinterest is a great resource for ideas for seasonal projects.

    Do you have a favorite canvas in your line?

    Of all the designs I’ve produced I think my favourite has to be ’The Toy Store’ Advent calendar.  It was one of my first collaborative pieces and my first multi piece design. I think the final result is wonderful and a project that will become an heirloom for the families of those that have stitched it.


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    • Patricia Pilarinos says...

      I love to travel and stitch while I am travelling as well. I have completed your London, Rome, Greece, Paris. Hong Kong, Hawaii, Mexico, and of course Raleigh and North Carolina. Any plans for a New Zealand or a Provence or Cote d’Azur?

      August 14, 2019

    • Jane Phillips says...

      I have enjoyed your travel rounds through the years. At the moment I am working on Chicago, New York and Ireland for my grandson. Being from Kentucky I know we are known for racing, bourbon, etc. However, at Cumberland Falls in the southern part of Kentucky we are fortunate to hVe a Moonnow. When you research this I hope it is interesting enough to be as a travel round. Your Chelsea pillow canvases are just stunning. Thank you

      August 06, 2019

    • Leighan Seybert says...

      Kirk and Bradley designs are just so lovely! Currently I am stitching 4 sets of the 12 days baubles, one set for my daughter and one for each of 3 special friends, am on #8. I also work in the travel rounds; for my daughter, everywhere we have been together, and same for my boyfriend and myself. Have completed Alaska, Ireland(2), London (2), Paris (2), Hong Kong and Vienna. I am hoping you will consider designing one for Kenya? Again, love your designs!

      August 06, 2019

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