• Metallic Scissors-Why you need a pair!

    Have you ever struggled when over time your embroidery scissors begin to dull? It may be because you are using the same pair of scissors to cut your natural fibers as you use for your synthetics and metallics.
    Over time cutting metallic threads may begin to dull the blades of your scissors as a result of the stronger metal filaments blended into the threads. What you need are a pair of metallic scissors! It’s always a good idea to have a separate pair of scissors to cut your synthetic threads and your natural threads to prevent this from happening.  
    We have a brand-new shipment of metallic scissors at the store just in time for the holidays. These are specifically designed for cutting metallic threads. The blades are incredibly sharp and strong. They are also serrated which means they won’t dull over time from cutting metallic threads. You know that we love to have the latest gadgets and tools here at Needlepoint.Com!
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