• Millennial Needlepoint: 3 on-Point Projects for 2021

    If you’ve fallen in love with needlepoint, it’s time to find ways to integrate it into every aspect of your life. And you can create more than just Christmas Ornaments! Show off your art everywhere you go with these three on-point needlepoint projects for 2021. Keep reading to find out which trendy projects are perfect for displaying your skills and showing everyone the beauty of needlepoint.

    Stitch Your Own Needlepoint Belt

    If you are tired of never having a belt to match your outfit, you can make your own using needlepoint. Buying fashion belts in every size and color can become expensive. Stitching your own allows you to customize the look and ensure that your belt fits perfectly. Whether you use a pre-designed needlepoint belt kit from Needlepoint.com or come up with your own creation, you can be proud of your homemade accessory.

    Create a Clutch

    Nothing looks more spectacular than a needlepoint purse. You’ll start conversations when you pull out a credit card holder, eyeglass case, or wallet with needlepoint stitching. Like homemade belts, you can design your needlepoint clutch however you want. It’ll look so good you’ll want to take it everywhere you go.

    Make an Accent Pillow

    One of the most beautiful things you can make using needlepoint is a pillow. You can stitch your initials, florals, or another trendy design into an accent pillow to include in your living room, bedroom, or guest room. Needlepoint pillows make great decorations in a dining room; place them on banquet seats or in your accent chairs.

    Discover millennial needlepoint: three on-point projects for 2021 that will impress your friends. Everyone will want to know where you get your belts, bags, and home décor. Beware: once they find out you make your accessories, your friends may want you to make tons of belts and clutches for them too. Give them their own needlepoint kits to try from Elizabeth Bradley Design. Shop our online collection today.