• Our Favorite Light For On the Go

    We're heading into summer and this means traveling with your needlepoint - we hope!

    Our favorite travel light for being able to see your needlepoint when you're away from home is the Hammerhead LED light. It's useful for at-home stitching, too, but the reason we're mentioning it today is its portability.

    Hammerhead LED portable light for needlepoint

    The Hammerhead is lightweight and clips right on to your stretcher bars. Powered by AAA batteries, you can happily stitch away on a bus, a plane or a train.

    needlepoint light to clip on to stretcher bars

    The Hammerhead LED light has six bright-white, energy-efficient bulbs, and two brightness levels. The flexible neck allows you to direct the light where you need it. When it comes time to move on, the light folds up and fits in your project bag.

    Don't suffer through dim hotel lighting again - pack and go with this handy portable needlepoint light ($27.00). Batteries are included! Click here for more details.

    portable needlepoint light to clip on to stretcher bars

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    • Needlepoint.com says...

      Aruba! How wonderful. We have an ornament you can stitch while you’re there!
      I really like our heavy plastic project bags because you can see what’s in them
      There’s a smaller option, too, depending upon the size of your project.
      Have fun!!!

      April 18, 2019

    • UMC says...

      Just what I’m adding to my birthday list! Now, can you recommend your favorite project bag for traveling? I’m headed to Aruba at the beginning of June and would love to take a project with me while I sit on the beach!

      Many thanks!

      April 18, 2019

    • Needlepoint.com says...

      Hi Barbara. Just click on one of the images in the blog – they link to the light. Let us know if you can’t find it.

      April 17, 2019

    • Barbara Saxe says...

      I would like to purchase this light

      April 17, 2019

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