• Sajou Scissors

    Sajou Scissors are some of the most beautiful collectible scissors on the market.
    These elegant scissors are manufactured in Nogent, France where they are lovingly hand made by expert craftsmen. The scissors are inspired by the mid 18thcentury Charles X period and are without a doubt showstoppers!
    We currently have three different models in stock from France:
    Sajou Tortoiseshell style embroidery scissors with a flower motif
     Sajou Tortoiseshell style embroidery scissors
    Sajou Mother-of-Pearl style embroidery scissors with cross
     Sajou Mother-of-Pearl style embroidery scissors
    Sajou Eiffel Tower embroidery scissors
     Sajou Eiffel Tower embroidery scissors
    In addition to being absolutely stunning, they cut well and stand the test of time.
    If you’re looking to give a special gift this holiday season, these are our most recommended item. They would certainly be treasured by all ages and skill levels of stitcher!
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