• Needlepoint Threads - What's the Difference?

    You need threads for your canvas but should you order Cotton, Wool, Silk, or 'Pick Our Favorites'?

    Here's what you might consider with each thread choice:

    Cotton Threads

    needlepoint cotton threads

    Cotton is a good-value thread option and you can take it anywhere! It's sturdy, doesn't pill, and has a slight sheen to it. Cotton floss is a 6-ply thread and some stitchers don't like dealing with the plies (it's harder to get them to sit flat on the canvas). Also, cotton can feel more "rigid" to stitch with as it doesn't have as much stretch in it as wool and silk. Verdict: The best value option. It's reliable and nothing too fancy, much like your Toyota!

    Here at Needlepoint.com, we will select cotton floss, perle cotton, or Threadworx overdyed cotton, depending upon the canvas mesh and the color match. Sometimes you will get a combination. Feel free to add comments at checkout. 

    Wool Threads

    wool needlepoint threads

    Ah, where there's a 'wool' there's a way! Wool is perhaps the most versatile thread - it's strong, forgiving, and stitches in easily as it has just the right amount of 'give'. Wool wears well so it's great for belts and pillows that get a lot of use. We like to use it as a way of adding texture to designs, especially real-life objects. It's better value than a lot of the specialty fibers. Verdict: The Volvo of fibers - sturdy, reliable and it looks good in most settings!

    Silk Threads

     needlepoint threads silk

    We're getting into the fun stuff with silk and silk blends. Silk is a joy to stitch with and has a beautiful luster. It's available in a wide range of colors and thread weights so it gives us lots of options. Silk is durable so you can use it for belts and other hard wearing items. Silk Lame Braid has a sparkle to it and we will often add it to your order for highlighting design features. Verdict: You won't be sorry you upgraded to a BMW!

    Pick Our Favorites

    favorite needlepoint thread choices

    With this option, the world's our oyster and you reap the pearls! We pick from any fiber in the store, which for the team at Needlepoint.com is like being handed the keys to the candy store. Fuzzy fibers, velvets, silks, sparkles - you name it. We go out of our way to include the best thread we can so you can achieve the most beautiful result. We often add thread notes with ideas for where to place the threads or how to use them, and, because we know "things" about each of the fibers (e.g.some threads are more fun in small doses - looking at you, Frosty Rays) we include just the right amount of each. Verdict: Take that trip in the fully-loaded Tesla you've always wanted!

    Whichever thread choice you make, our passionate team at Needlepoint.com will go out of their way to ensure we're sending you the best selection we can. After all, needlepoint is our happy place, too!

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    • Laura Caffrey says...

      Thank you. That was informative and now I understand what Pick our favorites is all about. Nice to know you include thread notes. I am sure that is helpfu!.

      May 25, 2021

    • Sherri says...

      Very helpful!

      May 25, 2021

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