• What's the Stitch-Turkey Work

    Turkey work is one of the best ways to add a fun, fluffy texture to your canvas. Turkey Work works perfectly for fur, beards and fringe.

    To do the stitch, begin by threading your needle. Unlike most other stitches, you do not need to place a waste knot in the end of your thread. Begin by going down in the top of your canvas, and leave the unknotted tail on the front of your piece.


    Bring the needle up in the hole directly to the right of your tail, and go down in the hole directly to the left. Next, come back up in the center hole, where your tail on the front of the canvas is. Pull the thread taut to tack down your loops of thread.


    To do your next stitch, repeat this process by going down in the canvas, one hole to the right of your furthest right stitch.


    Repeat this stitch as many or as few times as you need to fill the area painted on the canvas.


    You can refer to the stitch diagram below for more information.


    Turkey Work can be left loopy or the ends can be trimmed short to resemble fringe. We love our curved scissors for trimming and shaping the loops.


    For a fuller look, like this bunny rabbit tail, pack multiple threads in your needle at once. Our favorite threads for turkey work are Bella Lusso and Vineyeard Merino Wool.


    To learn six more turkey work techniques, consider taking our online class: Turkey Work Workshop. 

    To try turkey work out on a project of your own, shop the kits below:

                                                        Skating Polar Bear                                                   
    Tacky Sweater Party Fox



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    • Rita C Alabdullah says...

      I love your how to stitch videos. They are the best anywhere.
      Thank you for the instructions and thank you for the great resource that your shop is. I live outside the United States and it is impossible to find thread, canvas, etc where I live so your shop is so great – it keeps me inspired. Thank you!

      January 13, 2020

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