• When you should use Sparkly Threads!

    Incorporating Sparkly Threads in a Canvas
    Sparkle and metallic specialty threads offer a great opportunity to add some pizzazz to your next canvas.  There are many wonderful options to choose from at Needlepoint.com, including FyreWerks, Silk Lame Braid, Kreinik, Neon Rays Plus, Glisten, Snow, Entice and Stardust.  Here are the following ways we like to incorporate sparkly and shiny fibers into projects:
    Brighten a Background
    One of the easiest ways to add some sparkle to your project is to stitch the background (on 18 or 13 count) using Petite Silk Lame Braid with an open stitch such as Alicia’s Lace or Skip Tent.  The overall effect provides the perfect amount of shine and does not overwhelm the design.  This works well for ornaments, stand-ups and framed pieces.  See how we used it in our Peacock Topiary Kit or this Ho3 Ornament Kit.
    We also like to stitch the backgrounds of 13 count Christmas stockings with Stardust (Silk & Ivory with a metallic embedded), which adds just a touch of sparkle and great full coverage.
    Group of sparkly Stardust skeins
    Create Shiny Accents
    Metallic fibers are a great way to draw attention to specific areas of a canvas and make them stand out, like text, borders and frames, angels, snow, embellishments, etc.  FyreWerks, Neon Rays Plus and Kreinik add beautiful sparkle and work well with both tent and decorative stitches.  Here are some kits that will help you get started incorporating metallic threads:  Travel Round, Tassel Shoes Kit, Santa Clothesline Ornament Kit
    Enhance the Realism
    Use specialty threads to make objects seem more realistic and lifelike.  Jewels, crowns, instruments, windows, stars, glass, etc. all have sparkle in real life and using a sparkly thread can capture that on a canvas.  A few examples of this include our But First, Brunch Kit, the NTG Musical Santa kits, and the Festive Window Kit.
    Group of metallic needlepoint threads
    Sometimes a canvas needs a nonmetallic thread to ground the design, whereas other times the canvas is calling for maximum glitz!  Have fun using all sparkly threads on projects like ornaments, jewelry box inserts, or stand ups.  Check out our newest kit “It’s Lit,” Kirk & Bradley’s Poison Bottles, this Pineapple Ornament Kit, or any of Audrey Wu’s gemstones for inspiration.