• Why a sharp pair of embroidery scissors is an essential stitching tool

    Through our years of teaching classes, we have come to realize how few people own a good, sharp pair of embroidery scissors. These are truly an essential when it comes to needlepointing! If you don't have a pair, you will definitely want to order one. There are lots of great options out there. 
    For needlepoint, embroidery scissors should have long, narrow blades and sharp pointed tips. You will want them to feel comfortable in your hands.
    A sharp pair of scissors will help ensure that if you need to rip stitches out or trim a waste knot off the front of your canvas, you don’t accidentally cut the canvas itself. The sharp tips allow for greater control and accuracy.
    A sharp pair of embroidery scissors will also make it easier to thread your needle. As you cut your strands of thread prior to threading your needle, sharp  scissors allow for a cleaner cut on the thread. Instead of trying to thread your needle with “stringy” ends with loose fibers, you now have a crisp, cleanly cut edge.
    Our favorite inexpensive pair are these Rainbow Thread Cutter Scissors. They are sharp and come with a sheath. We keep a pair with every project.

    If you want to treat yourself, we recommend these Gingher Scissors. They also include a sheath and feel substantial in your hand. The quality of these scissors is definitely top notch! Treat yourself to a pair today. 
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