Architectural Stitches

Architectural Stitches


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Ever wanted to learn how to stitch houses and buildings, but not sure what stitches to use? There are so many fun textures and patterns that can be achieved by using the right stitch on the right spot on your canvas. With stitches for doors, roofs, and windows- this class is the one for you!

Architectural stitches online class teaches over 20 different techniques to help you bring your favorite canvases to life. We break these stitches and techniques down, step-by-step, to help you master them. 

Come stitch with us and share our expertise and enthusiasm for needlepoint, and become a better stitcher. At Needlepoint.Com, we're with you every stitch of the way!

Be sure to check out the other videos in our online class library. We're adding to them all the time because there is so much we want to share with you!

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