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  • A guide to our free resources!

    Whether you are a lifelong stitcher or just starting on your needlepoint journey, there is something for everyone at Needlepoint.Com. When you buy a new project, it is important to us that you feel confident enough to complete it.  With that in mind, we have a variety of free needlepoint resources on our website.
    If this is your first needlepoint project, you may find it helpful to check out the beginner resources section on the website. Here you will find our ever popular “How to needlepoint” video, along with other helpful tips. If you want a more detailed tutorial, we’ll walk you through every technique step by step. Take our beginner needlepoint online class to perfect your skills for only $35.
    Our “What’s the stitch” video series is one of our favorites to produce! Each month we highlight one of our favorite stitches. You’ll learn how to do that particular stitch, and where and why to use it. These videos are aimed to provide inspiration that will help you gain confidence picking out your own stitches. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to make sure you never miss a new video again!
    We also have a wide array of books in stock to help you choose just the right stitch on your own. Some have handy indexes or are organized by area; background, small spaces, etc. Still others help you decide which threads work nicely with each stitch. Shop our favorite books by clicking here.
    If you’re still not sure where exactly to start, consider picking out one of our online classes for your next project. These come fully kitted with canvas, stitch guide and thread pack. They also include online stitch videos that explain how to do each stitch required to finish the piece. These canvases have all been stitched by our staff, so we can guarantee that a particular stitch will work on each area of the canvas. It’s a great way to gain confidence and learn what stitches are suitable for different effects. We also carry a large variety of canvases, like travel rounds, that include free stitch guides when you purchase the canvas. 
    Give yourself the freedom to stitch with these ideas and more from our website. At Needlepoint.Com we’re with you every stitch of the way!