• The must have stand for the new year!

    The System 4 stand series are a must have for any needlepointer! They are without a doubt the highest quality stands on the market. We can’t get enough of them at Needlepoint.Com.
    We offer two variations on the stand: the table/lap stand and the travel floor stand. They are both great options. When deciding which to purchase, consider where you stitch most often!
     Needlework System 4 Table/Lap Stand
    The table/lap stand is great for stitching in front of a surface. Do you tend to stitch at your desk or at the kitchen counter? If that is the case, this is probably the stand for you! The wonderful thing about the table stand is that it will also rest perfectly in your lap while you stitch. This also makes it great for sitting in your favorite chair or stitching smaller projects in bed in the evenings.
    The travel floor stand is our recommendation if you are the kind of person who likes stitching large projects. Because it rests on the floor and isn’t dependent on being set on a surface, it can be moved closer or farther away from you easily, depending on the size of the project you are stitching. The base will slide underneath your favorite armchair. As an added bonus, the travel stand is simple to move from place to place since it collapses down completely flat. Tuck it away if you’re entertaining in your home or pack it in your car and take it with you when you travel!
     Needlework System 4 Floor Stand
    Both the floor stand and the lap stand are purchased in two parts. In addition to the bases you must also purchase the clamp. This will hold your canvas once you have mounted it on stretcher bars. However, once you own one clamp, it can go back and forth between the two floor stands. There is no reason to purchase two!
    Needlework System 4 stretcher bar clamp 
    If you enjoy working on large canvases, System 4 also offers scroll bar frames. These allow you to work extra large projects like stockings and growth charts with ease. They come in three different sizes: 12”-20”, 18-30” and 24-40.”
    Merry Wishes Tree canvas on Needlework System 4 floor stand with scroll rods 
    Whether you're new to needlepoint or have been stitching for many years, the Needlework System 4 stands are a necessity for any skill level! Shop their collection by clicking here