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  • All about the Bead Buddy!

    There is nothing more fun than adding beads and embellishments to your canvas. Beading is without a doubt one of the easiest ways to add sparkle and liven up a design!

    But, there is nothing more frustrating than trying to bead and dropping your beads all over the place. Needles and beading thread can be slippery and tricky to use.  

    Our favorite little tool to make beading easier is a Bead Buddy. 


    Bead Buddy from The Meredith Collection

    A Bead Buddy is a small tray with a sticky inside that will hold your beads in place while you work with them. Simply open up your container of beads and pour a few into the tray at a time. They won’t roll around like they would in a dish, making it easier to slide them on your needle on the first go! 

    Bead Buddy on yellow fish needlepoint canvas

    It has a handy pair of magnets on the back, that will attach to your canvas. The beading case won’t move around, and can be positioned right next to the area you are beading- minimizing the distance you have to travel with the beads. 

    At only $7.50 a piece, bead buddies are a steal! Shop them online here and start beading today!