• Working with our newest thread: Eyelash

    Seeing is believing when it comes to Eyelash; our newest thread at Needlepoint.com. We picked up some at Dallas Market, and have had the best time testing it! 

    Eyelash is Rainbow Gallery’s fluffiest textured thread and comes in eight colors that will work well for fur and feathers. Despite its supremely fuzzy appearance, Eyelash is surprisingly easy to work with. 


    Black & white cards of Rainbow Eyelash thread

    There is too much fluff to pull through every hole, so it’s best to use Eyelash for satin stitches. Satin stitches are simply long stitches spanning over several canvas threads. You can follow the diagram below to see how this stitch works up. 

    Satin stitch diagram


    While this is the simplest way to use Eyelash, we tried it with turkey work too. Because of the bold impact, we recommend doing a single row of turkey work or only using the stitch to cover a very small area. (Click on the photo below to check out our kit and online class to practice Turkey Work).

    Turkey Work stitch diagram

    Rainbow Gallery Eyelash has such a great effect we can hardly wait to use it for Santa’s Beard or a fluffy animal tail. It’s a perfect addition to the furry threads at Needlepoint. Com. We have so many fun fibers to choose from, now available in our store.