• Book Review: Got Stitches Too? Size Matters.

    What a great little needlepoint book!

    Got Stitches Too? Size Matters, by Renee Seidman (2018) punches above its weight in terms of what it delivers in a small package.

    Do you ever have those moments when you're thinking, "What stitch would fit in here?" This book gives you plenty of suggestions in the most concise and colorful way possible.

    Firstly, the book is visually appealing - the font is large; the images are full color and printed on high quality, glossy paper. It's a small book so you can take it anywhere and it's spiral-bound so it opens flat. Right away, you'll want to dive right in!

    Table of contents from Got Stitches Too? book

    Got Stitches Too? Size Matters has three chapters: 1. Straight Stitches.   2. Diagonal Stitches.  3. Crossed and Twisted Stitches.  These aren't large chapters so you won't be overwhelmed with stitch options. The book is unique because the authors have arranged each chapter according to what size space each stitch fits in. Stitches for small spaces come first, followed by stitches for medium-size spaces, and then some great stitch suggestions for large areas.

    Inside page from Got Stitches Too? Size Matters book

    Each stitch has a diagram, plus a full-colour image of the stitches on a needlepoint canvas. This takes the guesswork, or the imagination, out of what each stitch looks like in 'real' life.

    There's an index of the more than 80 stitches covered in the book. If you have a stitch in mind you can look it up to see what size area the authors recommend for it.

    There's nothing too technical about this little book - it's perfect for stitchers who want an easy-to-follow visual reference rather than a lot of words and explanation.

    Size does matter when it comes to choosing needlepoint stitches, and we think this is a book you'll find extremely useful for helping you make stitch selection decisions! You can find it here.