• Have You Worked with Tulip Needles?

    The Tulip brand is considered the 'Rolls Royce' of needles.

    #20 Tulip needles for needlepoint

    Crafted in Hiroshima, Japan, where needle-making has a long history, Tulip blends traditional needle-making techniques with the latest steel technologies to make needles that are very smooth, flexible, and strong.

    Lately, we've been testing Tulip needles and here's what we found:

    • they slide easily and smoothly through the canvas holes. This is certainly the key benefit of Tulip needles and what they are known for.
    • the eye of the needle, which is 'gold' tipped so you can easily identify which of your needles are the Tulip brand, is significantly easier to thread. This is especially noticeable with those pesky fibers that are likely to split - looking at you Neon Rays and Fyre Werks!
    • the tip of the needle is slightly more rounded so it is easier to avoid piercing the fibers of a stitch already in the hole.

    How are these needles made to be so smooth? During manufacturing, Tulip polishes the needle lengthwise, in streaks, which forms microscopic 'grooves' along the shaft of the needle. This reduces the surface area connecting with the canvas - hence the needle is easier to pull through. Several of our staff said they felt less hand tension when using a Tulip needle which meant they could stitch for longer periods of time.

    Tulip needles are more expensive than regular needles, but if you are someone who likes to stitch with the best, then we would certainly recommend giving these a try.

    Tulip Hiroshima needles in clear tube

    We currently stock three sizes:

    A package contains six needles in a small plastic vial container.

    Here are some general tips about needles...

    • Even if you don't routinely lose needles down the back of your sofa, switch to a new needle at least every other project. New needles are smoother and easier to stitch with and will maintain the integrity of your threads.
    • Keep your needle clean by using a soft cloth to wipe it down. Avoid getting it wet or using any cleaning product.
    • Pick the right size needle for your thread and canvas mesh, and use that size needle for the entire color area. Changing your needle size within a stitching area will show up as a change in stitch tension.
    • Use a magnet on your canvas to hold your needles. You are less likely to lose them and it means they won't become bent from being parked in the canvas mesh. 

    Tulip needle packages on tulip flowers

    Tulips are not just pretty flowers, they're also the finest quality needle money can buy. If you decide to give Tulip needles a try, let us know what you think in the Comments section, below!

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