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  • Cleaning Your Needlepoint: 3 Tips Every Stitcher Should Know

    Over time, projects made from needlepoint tapestry kits may become dusty or stained from use. That’s why cleaning your needlepoint is so important. Items you use inside may require less cleaning than those you keep outdoors, such as needlepoint brick covers, but you’ll typically need to clean projects made from wool thread by hand. These three tips every stitcher should know to keep needlepoint projects clean may motivate you to inspect every piece in your home. Check out these ways to clean your wool needlepoint tapestries.

    Vacuum Your Needlepoint

    Regardless of how old your needlepoint is, begin cleaning it with a vacuum hose. Cover the hose with nylon or another mesh material so that the suction is gentle. Keep the nozzle just above the surface of the canvas. Begin with the front of the piece and then vacuum the back or inside. You may not need to do any more cleaning than this if you are merely removing dust and loose debris.

    DIY Dry Cleaning

    You can use a home dry cleaning kit to press your wool needlepoint tapestry piece. DIY dry cleaning kits are perfect for freshening up items that have small amounts of dirt like dust or sweat on them.

    Pro Tip: Test for colorfastness before cleaning! Wipe your canvas with a white cloth damp with cold water to see if any colors transfer.

    Handwash Your Needlepoint

    If your wool tapestry kit is stained, you may decide to handwash it. Begin by removing any backing, inserts, or other pieces that may corrode with exposure to water. Next, fill a basin with water, and add a gentle cleaning solution. Be sure to not do this until you have tested a small area. If a great deal of your canvas is stained, soak the entire piece in the tub for about 10 minutes. Drain the tub and refill it with clean water to rinse the canvas. Repeat this process until your item is free of soap.

    To dry your needlepoint, roll it in a towel. Then, to reblock your project, use a corkboard or other stiff board to maneuver your canvas back to its original shape. Allow the canvas to dry for up to two days.

    There’s dedication involved in cleaning your needlepoint tapestry kits. These three tips every stitcher should know will ensure your canvases look bright and beautiful. Keep your needlepoint handbags, ornaments, and more looking their best when you clean them.