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  • A Brief Overview of Needlepoint: What You Should Know

    Picking up a new hobby is intimidating. You watch your friends share their travels, home improvement projects, and side hustles on social media, and you want something to show off too. If you wish to start a hobby, needlepoint is perfect for you. You can create lovely designs and patterns for just about anything with this traditional canvas craft. Here is a brief overview of needlepoint: what you should know to get started.

    What Is Needlepoint?

    A type of hand embroidery, needlepoint is canvas work that uses threads like silk, wool, and cotton. You can use needlepoint to create all sorts of incredible designs. Landscapes and ornaments, among others, are commonly made with needlepoint. Commonly mistaken for cross-stitch, you use a wider range of stitches with needlework—the most popular is the tent stitch.

    History of Needlepoint

    Needlepoint originated when ancient Egyptians used it for clothing and other decoration. It gained modern popularity in the 17th century, where it decorated upholstery. The most intricate furniture designs from that century feature needlepoint. High fashion has always used needlepoint. You can still find it in use today for upholstery on pillows.

    Tools for Needlepoint

    Many people love this craft because it doesn’t require many supplies to get started. The tools for needlepoint are simple: you can find them at online needlepoint stores or a local craft store. Further, you can buy needlepoint kits that include everything you need to complete your project. The basic tools for needlepoint include:

    • Canvas
    • Threads
    • Needles

    Why Needlepoint Is Popular Today

    Although commonly thought of as a hobby for the elderly, needlepoint is popular with millennials. A relaxing activity that can boost your mood, and hand embroidery is calming because it requires concentration. You can focus on making a beautiful piece of art that’s just for you. Further, millennials love needlepoint because they love vintage crafts. Popular vintage items to make with needlepoint include:

    • Belts
    • Jewelry
    • Handbags
    • Eyeglass cases
    • Keychains

    Keep a brief overview of needlepoint and what you should know to get started nearby when you are ready to begin your new hobby. The best thing about needlepoint is you can start and stop at your leisure. You never know when you may have free time on your hands to do a few stitches. Getting started is as easy as finding your first needlepoint kit at Shop our online store today.