• Creative Wellness: The Health Benefits of Needlepoint

    Stitchers understand creative wellness: the health benefits of needlepoint are an improved mood and more time with friends. You get to create something amazing that you can share with your peers. Everyone who does needlepoint knows that it’s more than just a fun way to express creativity. Find out why needlepoint is good for you.

    Relax and Meditate

    In addition to its creativity, many people who enjoy needlepoint love its relaxing qualities. Once you learn a few stitches, you can settle into an area and relax. The repetitive movements require some mindfulness but also place you in a meditative state. Further, creating beautiful art such as stitching needlepoint flowers may give you endorphins.

    Socialize With Other Stitchers

    Socialization is key to a good life. Though many people do needlepoint by themselves, you can find a group to encourage you. Go to retreats and conventions to meet people. You can meet friends with whom you can share your art.

    Keep Your Brain Sharp

    Learning new stitches, working with different threads, and creating intricate designs exercise your brain. Your body will likely deteriorate as you age, but you can keep your mind sharp with creativity. You can do needlepoint anywhere: take it in the car on long road trips or with you to appointments while you wait in the lobby.

    Give Gifts

    While receiving gifts is fun, it feels good to give them, too. Blow your friends and family away by giving them a homemade gift that comes from your heart. With needlepoint, you can make ornaments, tapestries, handbags, and more.

    You’ll enjoy the health benefits of needlepoint when you share your art with others and continue to develop your craft. Find a group of stitchers to work with, so you can sharpen your skills and talk to people who understand your art.