• Curved Scissors: What Makes Them So Special

    A pair of curved scissors are a must to keep in your stitching bag! They are so versatile. Every stitcher should have a pair of their own.

    Curved needlepoint scissors on white

    Curved scissors can be used for everything regular scissors can- and more! This short video demonstrates our favorite ways to use them.

    Curved scissors were originally designed for trimming turkey work. The curved blade makes it so simple to get a smooth and rounded finished look on your turkey work. There are seven different types of Turkey Work, and you can learn all about them in our Turkey Work online class. Take a look at this bunny’s tail to see the stitch on a canvas. 

    Bunny needlepoint ornament with curved scissors

    Curved scissors are 3 ¾” long and are made of stainless steel. The tips on them are incredibly sharp and pointy. We love using our curved scissors to pick out mistakes and rip stitching out of your canvas. Even the most experienced stitchers make mistakes or change their mind about a stitch on their canvas part way through. Curved scissors make picking out stitches painless!

    Curved Scissors on colorful paper

    Best of all, the pivot point between the two blades on these scissors is assembled with the special ring lock system. You’ll never need to worry about the blades loosening or having to tighten screws on them. They are by far one of the highest quality pairs of scissors we offer.

     If you’re someone who loves to add new tools to their stitching bag- make sure you pick up a pair! We know you will love working with them every bit as much as we do!

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