• Everything You Need to Know About Stitching A Belt!

    Belts make some of our favorite needlepoint projects. They are practical and everyone needs one!

    Before you get started, here are a few tips you will need to know to plan your project out.

    Belt size and pant size are not the same thing! Belt size can be determined by taking a belt that is currently being worn and measuring from the tip of the buckle to the most worn hole.

    Six inches of the finished belt size are taken up by leather. Once you have determined your finished belt size, subtract six from this number to get the length of canvas you need to stitch. For example, if you are stitching a 36-inch belt, you will only need 30 inches of stitched canvas.

     Our belt finishers require turn rows on the design for finishing. Stitch 2 to 3 rows extra along the top and bottom edge of the design. These stitches will be rolled over to form an edge for the belt.  Watch our video to learn more!  


     Belts should be stitched in all Basketweave or Tent Stitch for durability. They are so relaxing to work on. As a result, they make fantastic traveling projects! 

    Pick one out for someone you love, or stitch one for yourself today. Shop our favorite belt canvases online by clicking here.

    Wine Bottles finished needlepoint belt