• How to Make the Perfect French Knot

    French Knots are a fun way to add character to any canvas! Many people find them tricky to master because the multiple steps are difficult to learn from a 2-D stitch diagram.

    Today we’re sharing a video on how to make the perfect French Knot.

    French Knots work perfectly for hair, beards, greenery and fur.  Their bumpy, knotted texture gives a very lifelike effect. They typically shouldn’t be used as a background stitch because they can easily overpower the rest of the piece.

    If you’re trying French Knots out for the first time, we recommend practicing with a single strand thread. Our favorite threads for French Knots are Pepper Pot Silk, Vineyard Merino Wool, and Silk Lamé Braid. For an extra fun, fluffy effect, try using Fuzzy Stuff!

    Below is a stitched image for your reference.

    As an extra tip, before jumping right into a canvas, consider practicing your technique in the selvage around the design. Once you’ve done a few knots, you’ll be ready to jump right into a new project!

    To try your hand at French Knots on a painted canvas, consider trying the following kits, online classes and canvases:

    Christmas in London- Double Decker Bus

    Candy Tree Kit

    Birds with Christmas Gifts

    Burnett and Bradley Farm Friends Sheep with Stitch Guide

    To learn more tips and tricks about French Knots, Colonial Knots, Bullion Knots and more, consider taking our Lots of Knots Online Technique Class!

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