• That's So Clutch!

    One thing is certain - needlepoint clutches are hot right now, and we are loving it! 

    As much as we adore stitching for the holidays, there is nothing better than a needlepoint project you can use each and every day. 

    Clutches are so practical. Everyone needs one! We have even had customers finish clutches as organizers for stitching supplies.

    Finished Palm Leaf needlepoint clutch with threads

     I stitched one this summer and have gotten more compliments on it than I can count. It’s the perfect way to dress up a pair of nice jeans and a blouse for a night out on the town!

     A needlepoint clutch stitched by you becomes a one-of-a-kind design that gets noticed. Plus, you can further customize your piece with cheerful fabrics, tassels and colored zippers to make a real statement. 

    Finished Blue Palm Leaf needlepoint clutch with accessories

    This fun geometric clutch was designed as a project for all skill levels. The open blocks of color are perfect for trying new stitches, and leave little need for compensating. The kit includes single strand silks, so there is nothing to ply. The colors are fabulous, and the size makes this the perfect kit to grab and go.

    Finished Geometric needlepoint clutch with accessories

    If you’ve never worked with overdyed threads before our banana palm clutch kit is a chance to give them a go. Try working with new threads including Straw Silk, Planet Earth and Threadworx Overdyes. 

    Blue Banana Palm Clutch kit contents

    Pink Banana Palm Clutch kit contents

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