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  • New from Elizabeth Bradley Designs!

    The Elizabeth Bradley collection of designs is growing with the addition of seven Starter Kits, four Millefleur Kits and a Tips and Techniques Video that you can access anytime at no additional cost. Since 1986, the Elizabeth Bradley line has featured a vast collection of traditional & contemporary needlework art, and this fall’s new designs build on that elegant heritage.
    Winter Millefleur finished needlepoint pillow
    The seven Starter Kits measure 3”x5” and once complete can be framed or made into an eyeglasses case, scissors case or sachet. The four new 16”x16” Millefleur designs let you update your decor as the beauty of the nature transitions throughout the year. 
    Elizabeth Bradley starter kits
    The Tips and Techniques video is a helpful tool that even seasoned EB stitchers will find handy. Viewing it you will learn how to use each piece of your kit and the correct process for sorting wool colours so every stitch comes out perfect. You will also see exactly how to work the EB signature stitch, the Victorian Cross stitch. The cross stitch is quick, easy and provides a relaxing stitching experience.
    Elizabeth Bradley Tips & Techniques video page banner
    Pieces worked in Victorian Cross stitch do not become distorted as each stitch pulls first to the right and then to the left (Left-handers:  first to the left and then to the right).  For this reason, there is no need to use a frame or stretcher bars with Elizabeth Bradley pieces. The use of the cross stitch is essential when creating carpets because the finished piece needs to remain square over time. Carpets worked in tent stitch would require extensive stretching and re-shaping.
    Finished needlepoint pillow featuring bird of paradise flower, styled on white chair with bouquet of bird of paradise flowers
    Elizabeth Bradley kits come in so many sizes, there’s bound to be one perfect for you. Choose from the Starter kits, 6”x6” Mini Kits, 12”x12” Blooms, 16”x16” Florals and Animals, and even a few larger designs. No matter which size you choose, Elizabeth Bradley pieces can be finished in various ways including pillows, inserts for acrylic trays, bell pulls, and bespoke carpets and wall hangings.
    The Shade Garden 6-panel needlepoint rug with Trellis border
     Each Elizabeth Bradley kit comes with canvas, wool, wool card, chart card, needles, and precision printed canvas to get you on your way!
    We are proud to offer the full Elizabeth Bradley collection at Needlepoint.Com and hope that you will give these fabulous kits a try! Click here to shop the collection.