• Needlepoint Kits: What They Include & Their Benefits

    You’re never too old—or young—to get started with needlepoint. If you’re a beginner, starting with a kit will take the guesswork out of completing a project. Knowing what needlepoint kits include and their benefits may inspire you to get started on your first project. Find out what makes a kit the best option for beginners and experienced stitchers.

    What’s a Needlepoint Kit?

    Needlepoint kits are ideal for all stitchers. They include everything you need to complete a single project. You’ll receive the canvas, threads, instructions, and appropriate needles to finish the design. Some kit brands include just enough pre-cut thread for you to stitch the project. Other brands include full cards or skeins of thread, which is more than you’ll need. Still, it allows you to build a stash of thread you can use on future projects.

    Types of Needlepoint Kits

    You can find needlepoint kits for sale for all types of projects, such as Christmas ornaments, pillows, brick covers, and stand-ups. Many enjoy using kits for fashion items like clutch purses and belts. Some smaller kits such as acrylic coasters, leather key chains, or leather bag tags come with self-finishing products. When you finish stitching, you may insert your canvas into the finishing product and begin enjoying it immediately. Without a self-finishing product, you will likely need to send your stitched piece back to the shop for professional finishing.

    Benefits of Needlepoint Kits

    Using a kit comes with many benefits. The main reason stitchers use them is for convenience. Regardless of your skill level, you can find a needlepoint kit that suits your needs. They are designed for beginners as well as advanced stitchers. You may prefer them because they include exact instructions for how to complete the project and design of your choice.

    Pro Tip: Additional benefits of needlepoint are that it’s relaxing and may help improve motor skills. Many enjoy the mood-lifting benefits of feeling and looking at brightly colored threads.

    Understanding what needlepoint kits include and their benefits will help you choose the right kit for you. Further, you may find a kit to gift to a loved one. Start a project alongside your best friend, a sibling, or a child to begin a traditional bonding experience that may last a lifetime.