• What To Bring to a Needlepoint Retreat: Beginner’s Guide

    Preparing for your first needlepoint retreat should be an exciting time. If needlepoint is your main hobby, you’ve probably been frequenting needlepoint retreats across the country. Whether you use these retreats as an excuse to get away with your friends or to master the art of needlepoint, you need to know what to bring to a needlepoint retreat. Use this beginner’s guide to needlepoint retreats so you know what to expect regardless of which type of retreat you attend.

    What Is a Needlepoint Retreat?

    Retreats are fun-filled getaways centered around a central theme. Fans of needlepoint attend retreats each year to connect with fellow stitchers and learn new techniques. Each retreat offers something new and different. You can go around the world finding needlepoint retreats to attend each year, or you can attend the one that is closest to you. Hone your craft and truly delve into your hobby when you visit a needlepoint retreat.

    Reasons To Go on a Needlepoint Retreat

    Whether you are a beginner or experienced stitcher, attending a needlepoint retreat is a fabulous way to improve your craft. You will have the opportunity to learn from more experienced stitchers who have been doing needlepoint for years. You may have the chance to meet popular artists in the field and watch them perform their craft on-site. Further, you may find inspiration for your own artwork and canvas collections. Needlepoint can be as relaxing to watch as it is to stitch.

    What To Expect at a Needlepoint Retreat

    Regardless of the type of needlepoint retreat you attend, you can expect to do a great deal of canvas work. You will spend most of your time sitting around a table working your threads while chatting with fellow stitchers. You will also have opportunities to learn from artists and enjoy workshops scheduled throughout your retreat.

    Types of Needlepoint Retreats

    Various businesses and stores host needlepoint retreats to attract customers and artists to their brand. Typically, you will pay a fee to participate. The amount for the retreat will depend on the type. Some retreats may take place virtually to include more participants.

    One-Day vs. Weekend Retreats

    Retreats can be long or short. When it comes to needlepoint, most retreats are a day or two long. You will find some that last a single day for which you may not need a hotel if you live close enough. Weekend retreats allow you more time to get to know the other attendants. It also gives you more time to complete your project.

    Communal Tapestry vs. Individual Canvases

    Find out before arriving at your needlepoint retreat what type of project you’ll be working on. Most retreats have specific needlepoint projects for you to choose from, while some may allow you to choose your own individual project. Either way, you will get to sit at a large table with other stitchers who are experimenting with different types of threads and stitches.

    Things To Pack for Your Retreat

    The length of your retreat may determine what you bring. If you are going on an overnight trip, you will need the essentials such as your toothbrush, clothing, and other creature comforts. Further, you may wish to bring items to share with the people you meet on your retreat. Pack your favorite needlepoint pieces to show off; they may help you segue into conversation.

    What You Need for Needlepoint

    At your needlepoint retreat, you will likely start a new project. You can bring something you’ve already started or begin a new project while you are there. Regardless, you won’t want to forget any important tools you need for your project. Make a list of all the items you’ll bring to your retreat. For needlepoint, at bare minimum, you’ll need:

    • Scissors
    • Needles
    • Canvas
    • Thread

    What To Stitch on Your Needlepoint Retreat

    Most needlepoint retreats allow you to stitch whatever you want while you’re learning new skills and visiting with artists. You can continue a needlepoint design you are already working on and get pointers from more experienced stitchers. If you need a quick and easy project to work on outside of class, you can start with a pre-printed needlepoint canvas from Needlepoint.com. Printed canvas kits are easy to take on the go and come in a variety of designs and sizes.

    Things To Do on a Needlepoint Retreat

    The types of activities you will get to enjoy on your retreat will depend on several factors. For instance, the schedule may change if the event is virtual, or you may have the option to attend more activities if the retreat lasts several days. Most experiences include craft time and time to mingle with other participants. Other possible activities you may get to enjoy include:

    • Looking at intricate needlework tapestries up close and in person
    • Learning from world-renowned needlepoint teachers
    • Meeting international designers
    • Discovering new stitches

    Where To Find Needlepoint Retreats

    Needlepoint retreats take place across the world. They are most popular in America and Europe, where people admire needlepoint most. Needlepoint retreats take place throughout the year. Many people have time for getaways in the summer, so you may find one near you during the warm months. Further, since people desire needlepoint most at the holidays, you may find more retreats in late fall and December. Late-season retreats are an ideal time to make gifts.

    Ways To Enjoy Your Retreat

    The best thing about attending any sort of retreat is relaxing and getting to know people who enjoy the same hobby as you. Your retreat is your vacation, and you should spend the time doing what you want. At the same time, make sure you engage in the activities that motivated you to attend.

    Make Friends

    One of the main incentives to return to the same retreats year after year is to see the same people. When you make friends with fellow needlepoint enthusiasts, you may find people you can connect with on a deeper level. Exchange contact information with these people so you can keep in touch throughout the year. Share which needlepoint retreats you are going to visit and see if you’ll be seeing your new pals at any of them.

    The things you bring with you on your retreat are less important than what you’ll bring home. Find a needlepoint retreat whether you are an advanced or novice stitcher. You can expand your craft and your circle of confidants when you attend a retreat modeled after your favorite hobby. Know what to bring to a needlepoint retreat. Share this beginner’s guide with your fellow stitchers. You can find everything you need for a needlepoint project in one kit at Needlepoint.com. Visit our online shop today.

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