• How To Incorporate Needlepoint in Your Home Décor

    Once you complete a few needlepoint projects, you may want to figure out how to incorporate needlepoint in your home décor. There’s no reason to be shy about your craft! Displaying your canvases in your home is a great way to keep enjoying them. Start decorating with these tips, and tricks.

    Cover Your Door Stops

    One of the best ways to incorporate your craft into your home décor is with needlepoint brick covers. Especially if you plan to keep them outside, you should use a hard-wearing thread like wool for durability. Our finishing option provides the brick to cover with your stitch piece, that will become a beautiful piece to add to your door step.

    Create a Gallery Wall

    Gallery walls are a trendy way to decorate and a popular way to display your needlepoint. Placing a frame around your canvas is a beautiful and simple way to finish it. Whether you have all needlepoint projects or include additional framed items, your gallery wall will look stunning. Find a large empty wall in your home for your gallery wall and place frames at different levels to create a collage effect.

    Make a Decorative Tray

    A stunning way to display your needlepoint projects is to slide them into a custom acrylic tray made by Needlepoint.com. Place the tray on a table or ottoman or use it to serve food and drinks when hosting. You can also use it to play games if you insert a stitched game board.

    Stitch Cushion Covers

    Needlepoint pillows are fun to stitch and make accessorizing your home easy. You may place pillows on sofas, chairs, beds, and shelves. Create decorative cushions for all occasions and holidays to change with the seasons.

    Decorate Your Holiday Tree

    Stitch ornaments for your Christmas tree or other festive tree to incorporate more needlepoint pieces into your home. Fill your tree with memories and create handmade gifts for your loved ones.

    Pro Tip: You can stitch holiday figurines as well. Find needlepoint kits for gingerbread houses, Halloween characters, and Easter eggs.

    Door stops, ornaments, and trays are some of the best needlepoint projects. Knowing how to incorporate needlepoint in your home décor makes decorating easy and fun. Start displaying your craft in your home today.