• New Needlepoint To Go-Gambit Chess Board Colors!

    Many new and seasoned stitchers made it a goal in 2020 to stitch 20 new projects. While we were all stitching the days away in the comfort of our home, many of us tuned in to the latest series on Netflix. One of the most popular shows of 2020 was The Queen's Gambit which captured the art of the chess and had us consistently at the edge of our seats watching and waiting for the next move.
    The Queen's Gambit Netflix poster
    As the love of chess began to make a comeback thanks to this show, we joined in on the fun and created a series bringing the art of chess to life through needlepoint. With the recent launch of our Needlepoint To Go brand, we felt that The Gambit Chessboard series would be the perfect addition.
    Finished needlepoint chess board in acrylic tray
    We first launched The Gambit Chessboard in blue at the start of 2021! As the show's popularity continued, our artist began to experiment with different color palettes and created two new colorways to add to this collection. 
    Pink & green chess board needlepoint canvas   Black & sand chess board needlepoint canvas
    Every Needlepoint To Go kit includes a precision stitch-printed canvas on deluxe mono canvas, specially selected threads in vibrant hues, a high-quality, stainless steel needles, and expertly written stitch instructions with diagrams that take you from the first stitch to the last.
    Shop our ever-growing Needlepoint To Go Kit collection by clicking here. Come back often as we continue to add new designs every month!