• Our Five Favorite Needlepoint Essentials

    We asked the team in our store, "What are your favorite needlepoint tools - things you need in every project bag?"  Here's what they told us...

    1. Scissors 

    Every kit bag needs a pair of scissors and these needn't be expensive. In fact, our two winners for go-everywhere snips are relatively inexpensive models.

    Rainbow Thread Cutters 

    rainbow thread cutters needlepoint scissors

    These come in bright colors so they're easy to find, plus they come with a "safety" sheath. Our team likes them because, as Diana put it, "they're sharp, pointy and cheap!"

    Another popular scissors option are...

    Super Snips

    Super Snips needlepoint scissors

    These tiny colorful scissors are a staple around here. They're 2.5" long with pointy, sharp 0.5" blades - just big enough for snipping threads and plenty small enough for taking anywhere - plus, they go through airport security. The sheath is attached so you won't lose it. 

    super snips needlepoint scissors - green

    2. Magnets

    These small square magnets are super-strong and hold scissors as well as needles on your canvas - so you always know where to find them. 

    needlepoint canvas magnet 

     There are plenty of other, more decorative magnet options, too.

    needlepoint magnet on canvas holding scissors & needle

     3. Needle Threader

    A needle threader is inexpensive and owning one ensures that when you inevitably meet a fiber that doesn't want to glide through the eye of a needle you needn't get frustrated.

    needle threader on white

    4. Laying Tool

    If you're separating threads, or stitching with ribbon or flat threads, then you'll need a laying tool. The Best Laying Tool is our favorite because it's nicely weighted and its finely tapered point allows for ease in getting under threads.

    laying tool on white

    5. Stitchers Best Friend

    Stitchers Best Friend on white

    Some might say we've saved the best until last! The Stitchers Best Friend really does live up to its name. Officially, this tool is used for "removing stitches, tying in loose threads, managing your tension, repairing your finished projects" and it truly does do all of that. Our favorite use is for evening up stitch tension by poking loose stitches back into place. The Stitchers Best Friend is one of those tools that you didn't know you couldn't live without until you own one.

    Have we left anything out? Tell us what your favorite needlepoint tools are!

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